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Beard Oil Sampler Set - Pick 5

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With this Beard Care Oil Pick-5 Set, you can sample 5 our premium handcrafted beard oil products and custom scents, without making a full-sized commitment. 

Find out whether you're a Gamblin' Man, a Ravager, or seeking a brisk hit of Snake Venom.  Maybe you are the Gentleman's Cut type, perhaps you're just going for that Mystery Man allure.

Each of our Beard Oil Sample Sets contains Five (5) amber glass 4ml (0.14oz) vials of our premium Beard Oil, based on the scents YOU select:

  • Gentleman's Cut - Classic shave soap & cologne-style take on a Barbershop scent, without any talcum powder.
  • Mystery Man top notes of coconut water, fresh cut agave leaves and tropical ocean breezes.  This quickly deepens with hints of spiced amaretto, musk, tonka bean and whispers of oud.
  • The Dark Horse - A blend of clean Bergamot, balanced with Clary Sage & Black Pepper and deep base notes of dark Patchouli, Frankincense & woody Amyris. 
  • Gamblin' Man - Irresistible and mysterious, this scent is a complex mix of Wild Cypress, Kaffir Lime, Sea Salt, Elemi, Leather, Oud, and Frankincense. 
  • The Ravager - the lovable rascal in life and love.  Notes of Amber and Grapefruit mingle with Oak, Sage and Tonka Bean, with a pinch of Hemlock & Patchouli for depth.
  • Sleepwalker - Relaxing Lavender mingled with a deep Vanilla will set your mind at ease, while making your beard feel amazing.
  • Snake Venom - This fresh, invigorating, essential-oil only blend contains robust Rosemary, tingly Tea Tree, Clary Sage, Fir Needle and Elemi oils.

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance, Vitamin E.  For external use only. If irritation develops, discontinue use. 

Used daily, the total product included in this kit should last approximately 45 days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Awesome Products

Bought one bar of body soap and an oil sample pack. Love both products. Just ordered some more soap and deciding what oils samples to get more of.

Sampler pack

I loved Ravager and Gentleman's cut. I have other scents similar to Mystery Man and Gamblin' Man from other companies, but they were great. Not a big fan of Snake Venom or sleep walker, just preference. Feel in beard was fantastic, ordered Ravager and Gentleman's cut.

5 pack sample oils

Loved them!! Not one scent I didn’t enjoy! Trying to decide which ones to get in full size!


I love Whiskey n Hardtack! Their oils feel amazing in my beard!

The sizes of the drams are great for multiple uses. The presentation is great in the tin. I love how they also give samples of soaps.

Scents are so subjective. Some I absolutely love and some were just ok. Knowing your scent profile is helpful.

Either way, it’s a quality product and my beard shelf is being overtaken by WnH!

Sweet presentation,generous samples, interesting scents

I'll be honest I didn't love each scent but they make a quality product with love.Some scents sounded great on paper and some YT reviewers convinced me to go that way but scent is also subjective in many ways. Keep in mind this is only my impression and my opinion. I had other people try the scents with me and they loved some of the scents I didn't.


Snake Venom - didn't like , Smelled too harsh and bitter to me. Really wanted to like this one

Gentleman's Cut - Smelled way too soapy for me almost like an industrial laundry detergent to ME.

Gamblin Man - Smooth Cologne scent reminds me a fresher ,mintier, armani code. Definitely more mellow. This is a relaxing scent

Sleepwalker - this one is simple yet complex! Its a lavender and dark vanilla that keeps changing as yoy wear it. The Lavender is very present and so is the vanilla. Really loved it

Icebreaker - Cool and refreshing Actually felt the tingle on my skin with this one!

Ravager (soap sample gift) - like a cool irish springs type scent earthy yet aquatic? I liked it


Nice little tin with logo on it and the drams were generous sizes to give you a chance to try it


I love what they're doing and I just made another purchase hoping I can get more in depth!

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