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Beard Oil Sampler Set - Pick 5
Whiskey 'N Hardtack

Beard Oil Sampler Set - Pick 5

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With this Beard Oil Sampler - Pick-5 Set, you can sample 5 our premium handcrafted beard oil products and custom scents, without making a full-sized commitment. 

Find out whether you're a Gamblin' Man, a Ravager, or seeking a brisk hit of Snake Venom.  Maybe you are the Gentleman's Cut type, perhaps you're just going for that Mystery Man allure.

Each of our Beard Oil Sample Sets contains Five (5) amber glass 4ml (0.14oz) vials of our premium Beard Oil, based on the scents YOU select:

  • Command's Corner  A fresh blend of bergamot and mandarin, that settles into a smooth, fresh, clean cologne, with hints of green bamboo, aquatic ocean breezes, and amber.
  • Gamblin' Man - Irresistible and mysterious, this is a clean, oud-style cologne without the spice.
  • Gentleman's Cut - Modern take on a classic Barbershop style scent. (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)
  • Mystery Man - Fresh coconut water, fresh cut agave leaves and tropical ocean breezes.  This quickly deepens with hints of spiced amaretto, musk, tonka bean and whispers of oud.
  • Nighthawk - Smooth Tobacco, Musk and Leather, in a rugged cologne scent.
  • Sleepwalker - Relaxing Lavender mingled with a deep Vanilla will set your mind at ease, while making your beard feel amazing.
  • Shark Attack - A complex blend of Blueberry, Tonka Bean, Chamomile, Ozone, Oud, & Sandalwood. 
  • Snake Venom - This fresh, invigorating, essential-oil only blend contains robust Rosemary, tingly Tea Tree, Clary Sage, Fir Needle and Elemi oils.
  • Strange Bromance - Berries, Twigs, Lavender, Sugar & Almonds, with a hint of Leather for good measure. 
  • The Ravager - Notes of Amber and Grapefruit mingle with Oak, Sage and Tonka Bean, with a pinch of Hemlock & Patchouli for depth.

    Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance, Vitamin E.  For external use only. If irritation develops, discontinue use. 

    Used daily, the total product included in this kit should last approximately 45 days.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    Surprising finds

    I purchased the sampler set with nighthawk, gamblin' man, commands corner, sleepwalker, and snake venom, I was sure that nighthawk was what I was after but to my surprise it wasn't the scent I thought I was looking for, nothing wrong with the smell just not what I was expecting, but now I have three new scents I will be buying soon. Snake Venom, Sleepwalker and Commands Corner are right in my wheelhouse, I really enjoy the woodsy pine scent of Snake venom?, the sweet vanilla aroma of sleepwalker and the bright citrus smell of commands corner. I would have never had known about these scent if I hadn't purchased the sample box, it just goes to show, try before you commit, I'm glad I did

    Trever Patterson

    Very satisfied with the product. Haven't used any in 3 days and beard is still soft

    Repeat Bearder

    W n H from the get go has been in my top 5 Beard Co.'s Their products work well. I find them to be quality unique masculine scents that follow you gently all day...Thanks for the "Mystery" gift it is becoming one of my weekly oils...Stay Frosty.><>".

    Great Oil

    Great Oil, medium viscosity, great smell.

    Joel Wilhelm
    Great Samples

    Best way to find your favorites. Great in beard feel and definitely recommend

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