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Shark Attack

This smell is amazing!! The blueberry pops out first followed with a fresh aquatic cologne. Oil feels great in beard and the butter is so creamy and soft! Excellent product all around, very happy with this purchase.

Came with the sampler pack and now I have a full bottle on order

I am loving the vanilla and hint of lavender. It is so relaxing and enjoyable to apply to the point I don't want wash my hands after applying, but I also don't want to oil up my keyboard. Loving it.

Got the sampler and will be ordering the full size bottle

The scent was amazing. Medium thickness oil so it neither dries out fast nor does it make the beard greasy throughout the day. The scent is nice and strong, just how I like it so I can smell my beard oil over my smelly coworkers.

Amazing Conditioner

One of the best beard conditioners I’ve ever used!

Love it!!

This Bar Soap is fantastic!! Love the smell and it really makes my skin really smooth. Only problem is the bar itself doesn’t last very long. It the Bar lasted longer it would be Five Stars!!

Thanks Blake! We actually have a whole blog post that helps folks learn more about how handcrafted soaps are different from commercial ones, and how to get the most out of each-- https://www.whiskeynhardtack.com/blogs/news/make-your-handmade-soap-last-longer

This has helped a LOT of guys get more than a month out of each of our bars. Have an awesome day!

Not sure

Like my other review. I’m not sure if it’s this Conditioner or the Beard wash. One of them is drying my Beard out bad. I have a Silver Beard so maybe that’s the problem?

Hey Blake! There could be a lot of different factors playing into a dry feeling on your beard. This conditioner is probably not the reason it feels dry, though-- it's more than likely the wash being too strong or being used too many times back to back. This conditioner product has been on the market for a while now, and has even been 'stolen' by female partners to help combat damage from bleaching their hair. So, sadly it may just be the wash isn't right for your particular beard.

Not sure

I like the way it lathers. Seems to clean really well. I’m
Not sure if its the Beard Wash or the Conditioner. One of them is drying my Beard out bad. Have to find something else.

Hey Blake, from your other reviews, it sounds like this wash formulation may just not be right for your particular beard. There could be some other routine-related and weather related changes that factor into this, but again it could just be this bar. You may have better luck with our liquid washes! Here's a blog post about wash routines that could also help-- https://www.whiskeynhardtack.com/blogs/news/how-often-should-you-wash-your-beard

I hope you have an awesome rest of your day!


The scent is excellent it has a medium scent strength but it lasts a long time. The butter has some of the best consistency out there. Light to mild hold and softens your hair nicely.

One of my favorites

Out of the thirty or so beard oils I have tried the Gamblin Man is definitely one of my favorites. To me it feels like a medium oil, with a scent just slightly on the subtle side. The scents seem to work well together. My girlfriend likes it so it’s now in my regular rotation.

Gentleman's Cut solid beard wash

I use this very often and it lasts and lasts. Lathers well, smells fantastic, and doesn't overly strip my beard. Great for near daily use. Make sure not to leave it in the tin after use, use a soap saver until it's dry, it will last forever that way.

life time customer!!

this bar is nothing short of amazing! it lathers up perfect, you only need 1-2 swipes on ur beard and ur good to go. it cleans and get the nasty of the day away with out leaving your beard dried out and stripped! this is a daily wash for me. it leaves my beard soft and smooth. as long as holly and don continue to make this i will continue to buy! oh yeah and it last forever! if u love ur beard i suggest giving it this amazing product!

Amazing Start to The Day!

WOW this is my favorite beard wash! Just the smell alone wakes you up and then the feel of it in the beard is amazing! Easy rinse out and beard is very soft and ready to start the day!!


Smells fresh and clean! You have to give it a try! The beard Loves it too!

Unexpectedly wonderful

I was skeptical of Sleepwalker because for some reason the lavender put me off but this stuff smells great! I've since ordered a full bottle because I like it so much. If you're like me and thinking "Lavender? But I'm a manly man!" then shut up and give it a try because it's awesome.

My favourite scent

This stuff smells amazing and lasts all day. I'll be sitting at work minding my own business and suddenly catch a whiff and think "damn, I smell fantastic". It also keeps my beard soft and manageable. If you guys ever decide to discontinue Mystery Man for some reason please let me know in advance so I can order a lifetime supply.

Amazing beard wash bar!

Two swipes is all it takes! It's crazy how much lather it makes. I've had my bar for 3 months now and have used about half of it. I use it 4 days a week and love how clean my beard feels. The scent is very mild. I will order it again! Buy it

Beard wash bar

The solid beard wash bar is amazing. Lathers up with just a few swipes and leaves my beard feeling clean. Love the greenhorn so it doesn't interfere with any oil scent I want to use.

The Wakeup Call - Invigorating Beard Wash

Beech Wood Soap Decks
Kevin Winters (San Antonio Texas)
Soap deck

Best investment anyone can or should make when purchasing soap bars from any company I noticed how long a bar of soap last using this amazing little tool .


I decided to check out this company mostly due to Dan C's recommendation and, wow. I got the 5 pack sampler (Command's Corner, Mystery Man, Snake Venom, Sleep Walker, Gentleman's Cut, and they added Night Hawk for free!). The scents, in my opinion of course, are amazing. Subtle, manly, sophisticated. The in-beard feel is easily in my top three, maybe even top two.

Bar beard soap

Hands down one of the best beard soaps I've tried. I also like the fact that one or 2 swipes with the soap is enough to lather making the bar last longer

The freshest sea breeze

Like all the products I’ve bought from whiskey and hard tack commands corner is a great product and after reading the description of the scent I thought it would be a great one to try and importantly you’re collaborating with Dan C bearded was a great idea I think I can say that if it wasn’t for dan c I would’ve never started trying whiskey and hard tack products. If you have future collaborations with DAn C and the description of the scent sounds good to me I’ll surely give it a try and if it’s questionable I may still give it a try I’ve watched many of Dan’s videos and in terms of beard care I’d say he’s top of the heap the best great personality nothing but positive things to say about his videos and it seems the same is true for the person he is it was a good idea giving the collaboration of command corner a try additionally I can say that every product that I purchased from whiskey and hard tack has been excellent from the scent to the product quality to the packaging and even to the website where you follow through with emails etc. thanks for asking what I think and I look forward Always to new products and especially a product that you collaborate with Dan C Thank you

“Who Knew I was a Gamblin’ Man?”

I watched a video announcing the new scent “Nighthawk” by Dan C. His glowing review…”…my top 2 or 3!” he said. Why not? He had buy two get one free offer going so I took two “Nighthawk” and a “Gamblin’ Man” and as much as the NH is mysterious the GM is somehow…expensive smelling! Is that a thing? And feeling! Drop some into your hand and check it out! What a texture! Short story…long, I took a chance and won with Whiskey n’ Hard Tack! Uniquely presented and packaged as well. Not as easy to spill all over the counter! Five stars for sure!

Shark Attack

The scent is awesome, so refreshing. The feel in beard is amazing and keeps my beard soft all day.


I love it.