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Command corner

Not only does it smell amazing, but works so well.

Surprising finds

I purchased the sampler set with nighthawk, gamblin' man, commands corner, sleepwalker, and snake venom, I was sure that nighthawk was what I was after but to my surprise it wasn't the scent I thought I was looking for, nothing wrong with the smell just not what I was expecting, but now I have three new scents I will be buying soon. Snake Venom, Sleepwalker and Commands Corner are right in my wheelhouse, I really enjoy the woodsy pine scent of Snake venom?, the sweet vanilla aroma of sleepwalker and the bright citrus smell of commands corner. I would have never had known about these scent if I hadn't purchased the sample box, it just goes to show, try before you commit, I'm glad I did

Nighthawk beard butter and oil

Absolutely fantastic products!! And, when you order, you get a small sample bottle of oil which just makes me buy more!! Thank you Whiskey N Hardtack!!!!

The Best

First of all, the Nighthawk scent is my absolute favorite scent out of any beard products that I’ve ever tried. I love the way this butter feels and how soft it makes my beard. I apply this at night knowing my beard will be nourished and wake up able to just do a rinse in the morning and then apply my oil. My favorite product.

Greenhorn beard butter

Good product, all natural, and beard nurishing, but doesn't have quite the hold I'm looking for. Other than that overall good.

Very Good Product

I am just growing out a goatee and have an established mustache. I use the full bodied beard butter each night before going to bed, ten minutes after I use the Whiskey n Hardtack beard oil. It makes my beard soft and manageable and makes my wiry mustache behave well. Because it is unscented, I can go to bed and it doesn't bother my nostrils. All in all, a good product.

Sleepwalker butter

This is a great full body butter. To me the smell up front is of the butter itself but after a few mins the vanilla and lavender come alive. I exclusively use butter at night and this is a great nighttime scent for me.

Beard oil

Unreservedly delightful!

Very satisfied with the product. Haven't used any in 3 days and beard is still soft

Another win!

This scent checks all the boxes for me and my wife. The feel in beard is amazing. Will definitely order this again

Best I’ve tried

If your reading this review then just stop and buy this product. Oil is superb - best I’ve used and I e used a bunch of brands. Keeps skin in great condition no itch , no dry skin. A bit thicker to the touch than most others but spreads smoothly and the scent is fantastic. Wife’s new favorite. Longest lasting scent of the many brands I’ve tried. Again - just buy it !

Repeat Bearder

W n H from the get go has been in my top 5 Beard Co.'s Their products work well. I find them to be quality unique masculine scents that follow you gently all day...Thanks for the "Mystery" gift it is becoming one of my weekly oils...Stay Frosty.><>".

Crazy good!

I have a thick beard, work construction and sweat alot! This beard oil after a shower feels great, beard butter in the morning and quick brush keeps the beard hydrated and soft all day!!!!


Whiskey n Hardtack is one of the first companies I tried several years ago and fell in love with. My beard loves the carrier blend & butter and my nose loves Snake Venom. If I had to choose only one company/scent for the rest of my life....Whiskey n Hardtack Snake Venom!

The ULTIMATE wake up

The greatest combo of scents ever!! I really enjoy the citrus, sage and mint. This is the greatest way to start the day! Plus, it leaves my skin soft and not dried out like regular bar soaps or even shower washes. W&H you knocked this one out of the park!!


Did not flame up me beard which by all accounts is a good outcome..

Excellent beard oil

Another great scent from W&H. This is one of my favorite beard oils from W&H. Excellent scent and amazing feel in beard.

Great Oil

Great Oil, medium viscosity, great smell.

Simple as Said....Solid scent profile. Well done

The Gentleman's cut is exactly what it says....no question about it. Definitely an EDC product for me...I will be trying the rest of the line up as well.


This is my absolute favorite scent!

Mystery Man - Dark Oud & Coconut Scented Solid Beard Wash Bar

Fantastic Beard Conditioner

This is a fantastic beard conditioner, and has earned a definite place on my beard care rotation! Sweetwater Beard Conditioner has a clean, fresh scent that isn't too strong, and the scent doesn't linger after rinsing it out, so it doesn't interfere with your beard oil scent. Easily a five out of five stars!

Favorite Scent!

This is a great scent, refreshing with a nice cologne feel. I'll buy any product they make with this scent!

Great oil

The oil smells great and feels great in beard. It's not too thick and not too thin. Just perfect. Love this scent