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Wakeup Call Beard Wash

This wash leaves my beard feeling clean without stripping and has a pleasant fragrance perfect to start the day. Combined with the Greenhorn Conditioner, it's a winning combination. Great job, Holly!


Use it for a few days and you will see how great this product makes your beard feel. Unreal worth every dollar


It smells great while leaving my beard feeling soft and brings back childhood memories.

This is a MUST!

This beard conditioner is a must if you care about a healthy beard. The unscented is great because it really is unscented. Won't mess with any scents you use for oils or won't clash with cologne you may be wearing. Give it a shot!!


So glad I made the switch from my last beard oil. Feels much softer and healthier! Unfortunately the samples were sold out when I first bought, but the gamblin man smells GREAT!

Sold out

It’s sold out for a reason! It’s great conditioner!!!!!


This is the best beard wash I have ever used!!! Plus it smells manly/woodsy! I use it every other day. Clean protects my beard hair and again wife loves it!

Wife loves it!

I have to admit even I love it!!! Great subtle smell!

Easter sent

I love this sent I'm hoping they make a butter in the same sent profile.

Good stuff

It’s a very stripping wash, definitely not an everyday wash. I use it once every 1-2 weeks. Smells fantastic I love gentleman’s cut

The Ravager bar soap

My favorite scent of the only soap worth using. Never dries out my skin. Cant reccomend this one enough.

Top Scent/Fell

Sleepwalker wash bar is one of my favorite scents from W&H. The beard wash bar is an extension of that scent with the benefits of a sensitive beard wash trait. Prefer the bar over a liquid beard wash for feel and travel. Great job W&H!

New man in town

Feelin like a true Wanderer now

Great Soap

Enjoyed the soap. Ordered some different scents. Look forward to getting them.

yyyMy son loves your products!!!!!

I've been buying your products for some time now no I don't use them myself I'm a 71 year young mother my son has a beard it's 11 inches long I get the biggest kick out of him he takes such good care of it you know I get great pleasure out of buying products for him WHO KNOWS ONLY GOD when I won't be able to purchase him anymore products. For my son I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH GOD BLESS YOU,MOM

Great Conditioner

This conditioner left my gray beard feeling soft and manageable. I would put it in my top 5 conditioners. Highly recommended!

Awesome Products

Bought one bar of body soap and an oil sample pack. Love both products. Just ordered some more soap and deciding what oils samples to get more of.


This was my first Whiskey N’ Hardtack purchase. Used this scent for about a month before writing this. Wow! This has such an amazing feel in beard as well as a great invigorating scent! Tried some other brands since I started growing out my beard, but Whiskey’s products seem to really take the cake here!

Just recieced the Snake Venom butter in the mail. The conditioning oils in these butters are Amazing. Good scent , only issue wish it was a bit stronger. Will definitly be trying some more of their products.

Easter Basket Oil

This stuff really does smell like Easter candy! Another top quality beard oil from Whiskey&Hardtack

Great conditioner

Since I started using this my beard feels a lot soft and does not get a frizzy

The Ravager

Just a pleasant scent. Hard to describe, but it's one of my favorites.

What’s not to like?

Who doesn’t love the smell of Easter; sweet marshmallows and jelly beans. Truly enjoy the Easter Basket scent and feels great in beard. Only wish it was accompanied with a similar scented butter and made available all year long. I’ll take what I can get. Love Whiskey & Hardtack!

LOVE this scent!

This scent is everything I love about Easter. Except, with this beard oil, I will love using it all year round.

Love It.

Fast Shipping !! and Great Products. This is my second time ordering from them and it wont be my last. My wife got me the Easter Basket Oil and it was delish, lol.