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We love our products, but we love hearing how our customers enjoy them even more!  Read more to find out what people love about Whiskey 'N Hardtack!
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Love the conditioner, it's a must for a clean, healthy beard.

Not sure who knows or not, but you can use this conditioner on your beard everyday. Shampoo is different, that's a 1-3 times a week thing, but if you use this daily and also use balms and oils, your beard will be healthy in no time. It lasts a long time too! The main ingredient isn't water either, it's the real deal.

Straight root beer goodness

All I can say is...amazing

Shipment Protection - Lost/Stolen/Damaged

Pour me another

Love love love this scent. Starts off like a freshly poured root beer, very refreshing and slightly sweet without being cloying. Later on the vanilla becomes more prominent and it almost starts smelling like a root beer float. Great feel in beard as with all of their products. Hoping this makes a return as a part of their regular lineup.

Great Products

Works Great & The Smell Is Wonderful.

Good deal

Didn't have an issue receiving my order but for $1.00 was very affordable and cheap insurance

Best beard oil!

This is by far the best overall beard oil i have ever used. The scent is awesome and feels my beard feel great! Gave it 5 stars only because there wasn't a option for 6.

Great Stuff!

A couple of highlights to point out: First, the texture of the butter is fantastic! It's super soft and melted in my hands within seconds. Easy application and absorbed well. Second, I'm glad they're bringing this scent profile back! It's manly, strong, and lasted a long time. Looking forward to trying more oils and butters! Bonus-they include a soap sample which was also great! I'm going to try a couple of other soap scents as well!

Greenhorn - Unscented Beard Conditioner

Great feel in beard and a pleasant scent.

Great daily scent

This oil is great . Love the scent and find it as a great daily oud cologne kick but not overwhelming. Feel in beard is phenomenal.


Products were great quality, not crazy about the scent. Next order I will try another scent.

Shipment Protection 100%

I have ordered oils and butter that arrive in an envelope and sometimes because of that they are slightly damaged. The shipment protection from Whiskey and Hardtack is the best I’ve ever received. My products came well packaged and it’s actually way better to receive a box rather than an envelope.

Absolutely love it nothing else like it thank you so much!!!

So fresh

It's just the freshest clean combo of scents. The carrier blend is one to definitely try. I've found their carrier blend to be just about as perfect as it gets for my beard/skin type. Definitely try it!

Mystery Man !

Whiskey n Hardtack is of the best feel in beard oils you can get. Have the oil and butter and this scent is amazing , highly recommended!

Bearded excellence

The products are amazing and are made with extreme attention to high quality products used in the making to having you look and feel your best.

Dark Horse

This butter rules, Its dense and you get you money worth, but also creamy and melts down great. The smell is actually very clean, and lasts for a long time.

Bring it Back!

My goodness a fantastic scent. First, WNH products are truly some of the best around. Secondly, this collab is fire! It hits you first with a blast of citrus, then calms into a wonderful fresh scent. Perfect for either day or night. Even a date night! I hope this comes back.

The Only Barbershop Scent Needed.

My favorite beard oil scent of ALL TIME. The Brady of scents for me. Truly, so fresh and clean. If you haven't tried this are missing out.

Love it.

This "chin full of win" shirt was a must have. Fits true to size. If you are in doubt, order a size up.


This Whisperer scent is the perfect addition to my nighttime routine. So calming.


This scent is killer! Good ol' fashioned sarsaparilla. The scent is dead on and so refreshing. I hope this scent makes their permanent lineup.

My husband loves it!

Dude. This scent is amazing and my husband loves it! Everything I purchased from WNH is top quality and I can’t wait until we run out of soap so I can order more!

Mixed bag

Smells nice but didn't last long for me.