Retirement Notice

UPDATE JUL 30, 2022-

When we decided to retire, we knew we were leaving a big hole in the market for the quality products you've known and loved these past years.  We wanted them to be able to live on, and wanted to know they'd be done right. 

Well-- We're happy to announce we found that with the USA-based, family-owned & operated company, The Bearded Mack!

This exciting sale will allow many of the popular Beard Care products and best selling scents you loved from Whiskey 'N Hardtack to become permanent members of The Bearded Mack's product line.

Both companies are in the process of working together to get this 'ultimate collaboration' project on the move, and to get it into your hands! 

This does take a little time to bring to market, but we can assure you, you're gonna love the results. We also have a very special livestream planned for the launch, and you will NOT want to miss it...

So, if you want to be one of the very first to know all the latest on this epic team-up, with all the juicy details, follow the link below and sign up for email updates (or text messages) from The Bearded Mack!



After being on this journey for more than 9 years, Don and I have decided to retire from making beard & body care products. This was a topic we discussed at length, and we decided that we wanted to spend more time with our kids and families. ⁠

We have been super grateful to the overwhelming support of our bearded community, customers, and friends during this ever evolving journey. ⁠ We have really enjoyed the journey of creating and building Whiskey 'N Hardtack, and all of the folks we've worked with over the years. Truly you are all appreciated.⁠

-Holly & Don⁠

PS - If you need help with anything in the meantime, you can Contact Us.