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Looking to get some sweet kickbacks on your beard products?  Let's break down some options--

Referral Program From Whiskey Bucks

Dollar for Dollar points on purchases are rewarded to our Whiskey Bucks Rewards members, and sometimes we have 'Double Points' specials. You can then redeem them for higher discounts on purchases, or for free shipping on your next order.   Points have no cash value and are non-transferrable.

You can also refer new customers!  Give $5, Get $5— Got a buddy who has never tried Whiskey ’N Hardtack before?  Refer him from your rewards account, using your unique link, and he’ll get $5 off his first purchase— and you’ll earn $5 off your next purchase. (The link only works for new customers, though.)

This is the main option for 99% of our customers who are looking to earn some discounts toward their beard products.  But if you have bigger fish to fry-- keep scrolling to learn about our Affiliate Program...

Affiliate Program

You're the man, and you've been bustin' your beard on the hustle-- creating social media content, curating followers, putting together a sweet YouTube channel.  Hey, you deserve some cash for promoting our stash!

An Affiliate is a person, like you, who acts as an independent brand representative, that helps promote our products, in exchange for a set % commission of the sales you generate (The net sales meaning, minus any discounts, taxes, shipping & returns). 

It's completely free to apply.  You're not an employee, and your sales are tracked automatically via coupon codes or unique affiliate links generated through the program. 

We do require that you do not spam people all over the web with your affiliate codes, or act in any manner that we deem reflects in a bad way on our brand.

How do I get paid?

You get paid your net sales commission, minus any discounts, taxes, shipping & returns, monthly via PayPal if your balance is over $25.  You'll be paid via our parent company, Sweet Tea 'N Biscuits, LLC, and each month pays out the prior month's balances.  Any federal, state, and local taxes on your commission are your responsibility.  Discuss any questions you have about this, with a qualified tax advisor.

Affiliates who have no sales for 3 months (90 days) or longer, may be dropped from the program.

Are there other perks?

Hell yes, there are! 

  • You can real-time monitor your affiliate sales through your own dashboard-- total transparency.
  • You'll be first to know about all planned upcoming promotions, so you can build any videos or posts in advance.
  • Based on your performance, we'll send you free product & merchandise from time to time, so you can use that to build any reviews or content you are planning.
  • You'll get Early-Access testers of upcoming or potential products & scents we are developing.
  • Top performing affiliates ($200+ year in commissions; aka more than $2,000 annually in sales) get sweet personal discounts on their purchases. 

Who can sign up?

  • You MUST be a real person, 18 years or older, and a legal resident of the United States of America. 
  • You must have a verified PayPal account.
  • You must have an established Social Media platform-- Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  If you're bigger on one versus another, we'll take all of that into consideration... it happens. Your social media content will be reviewed to determine if you are a good fit for our brand.
  • You must agree to abide by the program terms & conditions.

Sounds good? Just remember...

Not everybody who applies will be accepted!  We have a limited number of spots for grabs for our program, so don't be offended if you don't get picked right away.  We'll notify you when we have future openings.

Apply Here!