About Us & FAQs

About Us

When you buy from Whiskey ’N Hardtack, you are buying from a family-owned, USA based Artisan small business— not a nameless, faceless factory operation. We're passionate about our products.  We’ve come to know our customers as friends, and know their favorites.

Our artisan handmade products are crafted in small batches, using premium, nourishing ingredients like Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Nut Oil, and Jojoba Oil.   We also stress the Fair-Trade sourcing aspects of our raw materials— it’s only the best ingredients for your face & body.

Our scents contain many skin & beard-friendly essential oils, like Elemi Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Cardamom Oil, Cedarwood Oil and many more. All our scents are blended in-house by us, using only high quality, GCMS purity-tested essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances.  These scents appear exclusively in our products-- you won’t find them anywhere else.

Sold on taking better care of your amazing beard?  Head on over and browse our Beard Oils, Beard Washes, Beard Butters and Soap Bars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Focus on Fair-Trade?
In all cases where it’s available, we source Fair Trade oils and butters. We believe in a fair, livable wage for the farmers growing these goods, and are also working towards eliminating all child-slave labor in their production.  You can feel good knowing that your purchase does not contribute to these issues, and is helping to support those who are working for a better future for our global community.

Why do I Need Special Beard Care?
Your beard is an important part of your face. A clean, well kept beard is no less important than keeping your hair washed, combed and styled— and maybe more important, because it’s around your pie-hole. Lean in for a kiss with a grubby, flaky  beard— and you’ll get shut down quicker than you can say ‘beardruff.’

What is ‘Every Man, Every Beard’?
Many of our formulations were tested on different men’s skin types and beard types. We selected our premium oils and butters based on overwhelming feedback from ALL our testers on what worked the best. Our Beard Oils are formulated for ALL skin and hair types, as is our Mustache Wax, Beard Wash and Bar Soap. Our Beard Butters come in two different formulations, one for moderate hold (Standard Formula) and one for heavier hold (Coarse Formula).

Why do I need a Beard Wash?
Beards and the skin below them need to be kept clean. For many men, they don’t consider that beards are hair, and should be cleaned with products that wash hair, without opening the cuticles of the beard’s hair shaft. You have heard of ‘split ends’ in commercials for hair care? Well, too-harsh products will split your beard’s ends— you want to help avoid brittle ends and frizzies in your beard. Our Beard Wash is formulated to clean, without overly stripping your luscious beard’s hair shafts, leaving you looking and smelling amazing. Our wash also does not strip the skin beneath your beard, helping to reduce irritation that leads to flaking and itching.

What’s the difference between Beard Oil, Beard Butter and Mustache Wax?

  • Beard Oil is more of the ‘daily conditioning’ and general light styling of your beard and the skin beneath.
  • Beard Butter is a higher level of hold for more aggressive styling needs, and also offers a deeper conditioning function.
  • Mustache Wax is a natural, heavier product used to sculpt special styles. Most notably, handlebar mustaches. 

How Do I Use Beard Oil?
To use our Beard Oils, you’ll want to start with a clean, dry beard— ideally, towel-dried from the shower or sink, after using our Beard Wash.

Our bottles have a reducer-style top, so you can gently shake or tap out the amount you want into your palms. We recommend 2-3 drops for short beards, 3-5 for medium length beards, and up to 10 drops for very long, full beards. For average use, 1 bottle of beard oil should last approximately 3 months.

Rub the oil in both hands, and work it into your beard in a circular motion from the base to the tips. It’s important to go deep, as this allows the oil to also penetrate your skin underneath the beard. This circular motion also helps stimulate the follicle shaft of your beard, which is thought to promote better, even growth. A healthy shaft leads to a healthy beard.
Once your beard oil is worked in, comb and style as usual.
Living in a dry climate or have extremely-dry skin? You and your beard will benefit from a mid-day application of beard oil. You may also find that our Beard Balm will give you a longer lasting hold and supple skin-feel, eliminating the need for any mid-day touch up.

How Do I Use Beard Balm?

This is a multi-purpose styling product, made with high conditioning, non-static agents.  It can be used for both styling, and holding your beard in place, and it can also be used for a more intensive conditioning of your beard.
  • To use as a lighter-hold mustache wax - take the back of a fingernail and scrape a half-pea sized amount and rub between your forefinger and thumb.  Directly apply and style your mustache. 
  • To use for overall medium hold of your facial hair - take the back of a fingernail and scrape a half-pea sized amount and rub it between your palms vigorously, to finely coat your palms, then rub through and apply to your beard.  Comb and style as usual.
  • To use for conditioning, follow the same steps as above, and add some warm water from your sink to your palms and continue to rub until you feel it turn into a creamy, thick lotion-like consistency.  Apply to your beard as you would our beard oil.

How Do I Use Mustache Wax?

Firmer than our beard butters, this product will give you the thickness & hold necessary to more intricately style your facial follicles, bending them to your will.

  • Begin with a freshly washed, dried and conditioned beard & mustache.  Scrape a small portion of mustache wax with the back of your thumbnail (or index fingernail). We always recommend starting with a smaller amount, as you can always add more if necessary. 
  • Rub the wax between your thumb and forefinger until it’s warm and smooth.
  • Using your thumb and forefinger, smooth the warmed wax out evenly across the areas you wish to style. Wax will re-harden as it cools, keeping your locks right where you wanted them.
  • If the weather is colder than normal, and the wax is resisting, we recommend using a hair dryer in short bursts on your tin of wax— taking the lid off first!  This will pre-soften the product and make it easier to scrape out.

Can I Use These Products on Other Areas of My Body?
Absolutely— Our products can be safely used on any area of the body, just not inserted INTO any area of the body (side eye, arched eyebrow). All products are External Use Only.

Do You Test On Animals?
Never. Unless you consider men with beards to be ‘animals.’

Can I Use These On Children?
You can use our "Greenhorn" (unscented) products on sensitive skin. However, children do not have beards, and these were formulated with adult humans in mind. We DO recommend you keep all your grooming products out of reach of small, curious hands that like to grab, and small, curious mouths that like to taste new things.

Do You Have A Vegan-Friendly line?
Our Beard Oils and Bar Soaps are both Vegan-friendly. Our Beard Butters and Mustache Waxes contain Beeswax and Lanolin, and therefore are not Vegan-friendly.

The Name is Whiskey ’N Hardtack, But Where Does That Come From?
The name developed from a playful, men’s-only joke about our other brand, Sweet Tea ’N Biscuits. Sweet Tea ’N Biscuits is our softer, more feminine side, and is the parent company of Whiskey ’N Hardtack.