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About Us

There had to be a better way to care for your beard.  We set out to do just that.

Whiskey 'N Hardtack was born from the lack of high-quality men's grooming products in the market. Products that left beards feeling lifeless, greasy and dry.  We were unhappy with the products we kept finding for sale, and we knew there was a much better way to have beards feel nourished and soft, without looking or feeling greasy and weighed down.

We spent nearly a year formulating our products, testing and retesting, and bringing them to the market in 2019.  All our products are handmade with care, and presented in a high quality manner: From our top rated Beard Oils, creamy Beard Butters, luxurious Bar Soaps, non-stripping Beard Washes and so much more.

We also only make and sell products that are cruelty free, use natural ingredients, and are simply amazing for men's beard and skin needs. We also stress the Fair-Trade sourcing aspects of our raw materials— it’s only the best ingredients for your face & body.  We don't cut corners.

Whiskey 'N Hardtack is a true small-batch, 'Mom & Pop' shop, that is family owned and operated, right here in the USA.  We're passionate about our products and we're passionate about beards.  We’ve come to know our customers as friends, and can't wait for you to join us!


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