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Simple 5-Step, Daily Beard Care Routine

You wake up in the morning only to realize you've hit the snooze button three times already. Your dog needs to be taken outside, and the kids still need help getting their lunches packed for school--Yep, we've all been there. You have a lot going on in your life, but just because you're busy, it doesn't mean your beard has to suffer. With a few quick styling and care techniques, your beard can look its best in just a few minutes.

Whether you're a morning person, or you work the third shift, this simple five step routine can help you start your day on the right foot so you look and feel your best the whole day through.

Step 1: Towel Dry

Once you've hopped out of the shower, where hopefully you've hit your beard with a wash and a conditioner, grab a microfiber towel. Gently blot the towel over the outside and the underneath of your beard. Don't pull or push too hard to avoid breakages in your beard hair.

Then, run your fingers through your beard hairs to loosen it up. It's common to lose a few hairs during this step, that’s natural (don’t panic). Get your beard to about 75% dry, to about when it's not dripping wet, but is still damp. Take a wide-tooth comb and brush both the top and the bottom of your beard. This will help manage tangles and dry out your beard. Don't forget to dry off your comb after you finish untangling. 

Step 2: Apply Beard Oil

Grab your favorite beard oil and put a few drops into your palm: Use a dime-sized amount for shorter beards; Use about a quarter-sized amount for longer beards. Then work the oil into your fingertips and apply to the skin underneath your beard first. Gently rake the oil down through your beard, and don't forget about your mustache.

Once again, grab your wide tooth comb and give a good comb-through, to ensure the oil gets to your skin and spreads evenly throughout your beard. Then wait five to ten minutes before moving on to the next step. This is the perfect time to clean off your comb, get dressed or make those lunches.

Step 3: Fully Dry and Style

Grab your blow-dryer and set it on medium heat and medium speed. Holding the blow-dryer above your beard, comb downward. Then, hold the blow-dryer underneath your beard and brush.  You want to get your beard

Step 4: Shock & Lock

Once you've finished drying your beard to about 90% dry, turn your blow-dryer on cold shock. Brush your beard back to its normal place and use the cold shock to lock the hairs in place. This will help your beard keep its shape all day long. 

Step 5: Beard Butter, Wax or Balm

Some men choose to end their routines after step four, but if you're in need of some additional styling or help to manage unruly strays, it's time to apply a beard butter or beard wax/balm.

If your beard is shorter and closer to the face (aka ‘Business Beard’), try out a beard balm. If your beard has more weight and natural shape, try using a beard butter. It's important to use the butters and balms after you've brushed out all your tangles, otherwise you'll gunk up your comb.

And don't forget the mustache! Too often, men look over their mustaches, but a simple comb and mustache wax combo can go a long way. Use a fine tooth comb to brush your mustache to the sides and then use wax between your finger and thumb to style it the way you like it.  Use a little for a lighter hold, and use a lot to get crazier with the handlebar look.

That’s it! In a few simple steps, you can start your day off strong. Just don't forget to pack a small wide tooth comb in your pocket or glove box to help you quickly touch up any strays on the road.

If you're in need of any product to help kickstart your morning routine, contact us today. We look forward to becoming your best beard buds.


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