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Quit Yer Itchin - How To Prevent Beard Itch

News Flash - you may think you have a "coarse" beard and "finicky skin," but you likely just have a poorly-cared-for beard. 

For most men it’s their multitasking in the shower that starts the ball rolling down the wrong path.  We all know some guy (maybe it’s you) who uses a bar of soap on every inch of his body— which, frankly, is a great ecological move, but NOT so great for your beard (not to mention the hair on your head).

So, let’s break this down… (no pun intended).

Beards Are Hair!

Yes, that magnificent beard is HAIR!  This is the number one reason why you shouldn't you use bar soaps, 'all over utility bars' or commercial body wash all over your beard!  It's known that Natural Bar Soap is a great choice for washing your skin on your body, but soap has a higher PH than formulated hair care products, and your follicles (like your amazing beard, remember?) thrive on a lower PH level to keep them from breaking, splitting and looking rough.   The skin on your face is also thinner than the rest of your body, and benefits from a lower PH product.

Using products with too-high PH, over time, will contribute to split-ends, frizzy beard texture, and the dreaded dandruff-beard skin— “beardruff” which creates that itchy feeling and leads to flakes.  

Make Beard Care Routine Changes  

Change your routine, and stick to it.  You spent all this investment of time growing an amazing beard— why blow it all on bad beard maintenance with a beard care routine that simply works against you?  You wouldn't buy a Maserati and then fill it with cheap 87 octane, would you?  Same goes for that manly mane you've grown.

The very first thing you have to do is STOP USING SOAP ON YOUR BEARD.  Grab yourself a bottle of Beard Wash, which is specifically formulated with a lower PH level, and our proprietary blends of fragrance and essential oils, to NOT strip your follicles or your face.

Follow up with a Beard Oil, or if your face is experiencing a really dry spell— use our conditioning Beard Butters.  Beard Oils will offer a lighter, higher penetrating conditioning and shine, whereas the Beard Butters will offer more hold and a deeper conditioning.

We also recommend making sure your diet is rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids from either fish, avocados and/or nuts.  'Good Fats' as they are called, strongly benefit your skin's ability to heal itself, and helps build a good foundation for your facial hair.

How Long Until Things Improve With My Itchy Beard?

Most men notice major improvement in their facial dryness and beard condition within a week of regular use.  The rest see positive changes by the 2nd week of regular use (defined as washing at least every other day).  This is determined partly by how long you've been abusing your skin, and partly by your personal biology.

Take care of your facial follicles, and you will have the best looking, best smelling, most amazing beard on the block-- without all the itch and flakes that poor beard care can cause.

Still Skeptical?

We get it, lots of men don't really think what they're doing in their routine is causing these issues.  Here's a excerpt from a review, from a customer who was originally in your shoes:

"I've always just used regular old shampoo and, [using Snake Venom Beard Wash] along with a sample of beard butter, my beard has never felt softer or cleaner... I've used it everyday for the last week and I've not been itchy or feeling dry like some soaps and shampoos can do. With that, nor is my beard or skin oily either." - Mike Kirk

Beards don't need to itch, my friend.  Take great care of your follicles and they'll keep you looking amazing.


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