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Managing the 6 Stages of Beard Growth

You decided to let stubble run wild with the hope of having a thick, manly beard. It's been a while and now you are beginning to get discouraged. Maybe you thought that growing a beard would mean less grooming, but a beard worthy of envy requires upkeep. Cleaning, trimming, and conditioning your beard is part of the process. Each stage of beard growth requires something a bit different. Let's talk about each stage and what to expect.

Stage 1: The Decision to Stop Shaving

At this stage, you have made the decision to move to the bearded side. Whether you grew tired of the daily shaving grind or you yearn for the camaraderie of bearded brethren, either way, welcome. During this stage, it is important to lay the foundation for a healthy beard with healthy skin. Use a few drops of beard oil  if you have normal to oily skin, trying to do this at least once per day. For gentlemen with dry facial skin, rely on a heavier beard butter to properly hydrate skin as your stubble makes an appearance. 

Stage 2: The Stubble Stage

While not quite a beard, but also not clean shaven, you have entered the stubble stage. Now is the time to graduate from bar soap to an official beard wash. Gently cleanse your facial skin and new beard hair with a beard wash specially formulated to promote healthy beard growth. 

Stage 3: You're Bearded

Everyone's hair grows at different speeds, but once your hair grows longer than an inch, it is considered to be an actual beard. Congrats! Your skin and follicle health is very important at this stage. To prevent itch and beardruff, focus on softening your beard hair. After the shower, add a bit of beard balm to your beard to condition and soften. Nourishing butters and oils found in beard balms will penetrate the follicles and leave them softer and healthier. 

Stage 4: Your Beard is Official

Stages of beard growth

You have committed and now that you are bearded for the long haul, you have responsibilities. Without proper maintenance, your beard can begin to get wiry and smelly. No good! Soft, flake-free, and fresh are beard goals. Beard oil is the best way to accomplish all three. Rich, nourishing oils found in beard oil penetrated beard hair to soften and hydrate. Available in a myriad of scents, match your beard oil to your personality. The Ravager beard oil is our personal favorite, but we dig the outdoorsy type. 

Stage 5: Control That Beard

How will you know you have reached stage five? Your beard will begin to have a mind of its own. When your beard is pointing in every direction at once, it is time to control that beard. Pick up some beard balm and begin to tame your facial hair. Beard balms not only nourish, but they also have holding power without being too heavy. It is the middle ground between a beard oil and a mustache wax. Using some beard balm every day will properly train your beard so that you will be ready for stage six.

Stage 6: The Veteran Beard

By this stage you fully understand the commitment it takes to grow a respectable beard. You have dialed in your grooming routine and your beard is clean and trimmed to accentuate your face. You feel accomplished and manly. You are the envy of friends and the object of desire. You deserve all of the respect that comes with proudly displaying your veteran beard.

Whiskey 'N Hardtack is here to support you during every stage of beard growth. Don't give up. If you encounter a beard growing challenge, hit us up. We are here to help.

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