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Hacking Your Beard Balm - Not Just For Beards

You may already be familiar with our eco-conscious tins of our premium beard balm, featuring rich skin-loving ingredients like shea butter, lanolin, and jojoba oils.  These are a staple in many a bearded man’s grooming routine. 

However, you may not know about all the ways you can ‘hack’ our particular product to suit your needs.  (Hint, it isn’t just for beards)

Beard Balm “By The Book”

The traditional method of using beard balm is scooping a small amount of balm with your finger, and rubbing it between your palms, and applying throughout the beard, for overall moderate hold and styling.  Doing this helps to nourish and condition the follicles, adding subtle sheen and an overall smooth texture.  (Not to mention making your facial hair smell amazing.)

But our beard balms can do a lot more….

Hack It For Your Hair

We’ve had men (and several women) report they use this same method to apply our beard balm to their hair, thereby giving it some added texture & hold. 

To do this, we suggest starting with damp, towel-dried hair, and a small amount of beard balm, until you find the right balance of beard balm product to fit your preferred hair style.

Hack It With Water

This is our favorite “off label” method in using our beard balm.  By rubbing a small amount in your hands with some warm water, it turns to a luscious, lotion-like consistency. 

This can then be applied to your beard for a lighter hold than the straight-up balm, but still a bit more styling hold than beard oil

Also, if your body is feeling dry, you can use this same warm-water method to apply it directly to your still-damp post-shower skin.  This results in a more traditional, less-heavy level of moisture as compared to our Body Balm sticks, which are much more concentrated.

Feel free to experiment with amounts, but we find a little truly goes a long way.  Use more water for a thinner consistency, use less water for a thicker consistency.  You’re in control here.

What To Avoid

One thing we don’t want you to do is leave water directly in the tin of balm— that will cause the stainless steel to rust, ruining your vibe.  And rust doesn’t make for a great bearding experience.

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