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Fixing "Mask Beard" In A Hurry

Not only are face masks rather annoying, they totally mess with your personal style! Did you know that wearing a piece of fabric over the beard you worked so hard to grow out not only hampers your overall look, but it also can wreak havoc on your beard hair?

Much like “hat hair” messes with your shape and texture of the hair on your head, “mask beard” can cause a similar effect on the facial hair you worked so hard to style and nourish in the morning.

Although it can be annoying, mask beard is not something to fear. With a few simple steps, you can rehydrate, renourish, and restyle your beard. 

How much do you sweat or wear a mask? 

Although, the 100% best treatment for any “mask beard” is a full shower routine, we know you may not have that kind of time in the middle of the day. So, let’s figure out what type of mask wearer you are, and follow the steps to get your healthy, styled sexy beard back.

If you are just wearing your mask to the grocery store or routine errands, the treatment for your beard will be vastly different from someone who is wearing and working in one for a full day.

I’m Not Getting Sweaty/Shorter Time Wearing

Even if you don't sweat throughout the day under a mask, you'll often find that after a time wearing it, your beard hair looks and feels dry. There also will likely be dips or dents in your beard and mustache from the mask. This is because the fabric of the mask rubs off the outer layer of protection that you applied during your morning routine.

Whether you applied an oil, a balm or a butter, those products give your beard a protective coating that keeps it healthy throughout the day. The mask, however, rubs that protective coating away and starts irritating your facial hair (not to mention cramping the style you worked hard to maintain).

To fix these non-sweaty problems in a hurry, you just need a few minutes and some great product:

Spray your beard

Get yourself spray bottle of water, and spritz it all through your beard. Then use your fingers to evenly distribute it throughout.

Apply a beard butter

Scoop a pea sized amount of your favorite beard butter and rub it throughout your beard. Don't worry about penetrating all the way to your skin below-- because if you didn't sweat a lot, it's unlikely the mask rubbed off the products all the way down to your skin. The beard butter will nourish your beard and give you just a little bit more styling help to re-calibrate that facial hair. (Beard oil will do in a pinch, but won’t give quite the amount of quick-hit styling fix as a butter.)

Spread it out

Once you're all buttered up, use a brush, pick or comb to style your beard. We recommend a brush for a short beard and a pick or comb for longer beards.

I sweat a lot/do dirty work/work outside

If you work outside or at a job with a lot of physical labor, it's likely you've sweat out all the product you put on in your morning routine, which means your beard will need to be completely replenished. Think of your butters, oils and balms as a protective armor. After you sweat, that armor melts off, leaving your beard vulnerable to the mask. It also messes completely with any styling you spent time on. Your mask beard may be quite epic.

Solving this problem can take a little longer than replenishing a non-sweaty mask beard, but it can still be accomplished in a few quick steps:

Get your beard wet

Grab your spray bottle and really soak your beard. Make sure it gets wet all the way down to your skin. Be sure not to forget your mustache, which likely collected a lot of the sweat on your face. Once you're sufficiently soaked, run a comb through your beard. Then take a light towel and dab your beard to about 75% dry.

Apply beard oil

Now it's time to grab your favorite beard oil. Rub it on your fingertips and then apply it throughout your beard, all the way down to your skin. Again, grab your comb or brush and spread it evenly throughout your beard. Then, wait at least five minutes for the oil to absorb into your skin and hair pores. If you choose, you can stop here or add one more step to really replenish your beard hairs.

Apply a butter or a balm

After you've waited your five minutes, grab your favorite beard butter OR beard balm. Don't use both or your beard will have too much product, which can cause an oily or greasy beard. Apply whichever product you choose evenly throughout your beard to give it some extra nourishment.

After you've gotten your beard replenished and styled the way you like it, enjoy the success of having managed another day under a mask. For extra fun, pretend you’re a bearded superhero and the mask is your arch nemesis. Give the mask an evil genius name for the heck of it!

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