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Fix Your Gritty Beard Butters & Beard Balms

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Well, it happened. 

You went to reach into that favorite beard butter or beard balm of yours and… what?  Why does it feel all gritty and bumpy?  You look inside and see some texture changes.

Or, you were excited to get your latest shipment of beard butter or beard balm and it was hotter than Satan’s nether regions outside and the thing got half melted in your mailbox.  Now that it’s solid again, it feels grainy.

So what now?  Toss it?  Vow to never buy that product again? Grit your teeth and bear it?  Move to the Arctic Circle?

NOPE!!  There’s a SUPER QUICK fix to bring your beard butters and beard balms back to their original state! 

Read on to find out how you can quickly and easily press the ‘reset’ button on your products.

Background: Why Do Beard Butters & Balms Get Gritty?

Natural, beard-loving butters like Shea Butter, Mango Butter, etc, are great for your beard and skin. But they are very temperature sensitive, and tend to want to clump up and get crystalized if they aren’t kept at a consistent, even room temp.  They’re a bit high maintenance.

Summer shipping is usually the #1 cause of grainy texture in beard butters and beard balms. During hotter months, these products can partially melt (or fully melt!) then cool down too slowly, creating the perfect conditions for that grainy, gritty feeling. 

And while Summer shipping is the WORST for this, it can also happen if wherever you keep your butters has a lot of variation in temperature (We’re looking at you, hot bathrooms).  It can also happen in the dead of Winter when shipments sit in a carrier's warehouse where temps are not well regulated-- constant freezing and thawing can create the same texture changes.

However, it’s important to know that there's nothing wrong with these gritty, grainy crystals— they’re a totally natural, although annoying feature of these butters. 

Let’s Get Down To The Quick Fix

If you're using a truly oil/butter based beard butter or beard balm (like ours), then it's a quick and easy method of re-melting, pouring into the container, and letting it solidify quickly in your fridge.

However, if it's not our product... first, look at the ingredients. If it anything on the label indicates it contains water, or glycerin, or something weird you can’t pronounce… toss it. Water-based ingredients in products will not return to their original creamy state, and a gritty texture in those means it’s probably gone bad.

So, let’s get into it!


To fix your beard butter or balm, you’ll need:

  • Clean, small Pyrex or microwave-safe measuring cup (one with a handle)
  • Clean, small rubber spatula, or spoon
  • Microwave
  • Original container of beard butter or balm
  • Small dish or tray
  • Fridge


With a small rubber spatula or spoon, scoop out the gritty butter and put it into a clean, Pyrex container. Set your original container aside on a small dish or tray for later.


Remove the spoon from the pyrex container. Heat the Pyrex container in the microwave for 15 seconds. Stir, then reheat for another 15 seconds and stir. Repeat this process until the beard butter is completely melted.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT MICROWAVE IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER. Metal should never go in the microwave, and our plastic containers are not microwave-friendly.  You could damage your containers and your butter.  This makes your beard cry.

Also, DO NOT OVERHEAT YOUR BUTTER OR BALM. This could burn you and/or ruin your butters. Again, your beard will be sad.

Once the butter is *just* melted after those 15 second runs, you're done with the microwave.


Stir your melted beard butter and let it sit for 2 minutes in the measuring cup. This will allow the butter to cool very slightly before you put it back into the original beard butter container.  Pouring too-hot butter into your original container can crack or melt the container, and we really don’t want that!

Use this 2 minutes to ensure you have space in your fridge for the butter or balm on a tray/plate. 


Make sure the original container is on the small dish or tray. Once the 2 minutes are up, pour the melted butter back into the original container and put it all in the fridge.  We recommend using the small plate or tray to help transfer your butter to the fridge, as the butter will be hot, and a tray helps minimizes any spills.

DO NOT PUT THE LID ON.  You want to avoid trapping any moisture you may have accidentally introduced during the melting process.  Let that butter breathe while it’s cooling. 

Leave your beard butter or balm container in the fridge for 1-2 hours (the larger the container, the longer it should stay in). Your beard butter will solidify quickly, ensuring that all the gritty crystallization is gone.

After a couple of hours, take it out, put the original lid back on and ENJOY!

You can do this with any number of beard butters or balms to create a good ‘reset.’  Just always make sure to use common sense safety measures when melting down the product— avoid metal in the microwave, don’t overheat the product, and use a plate or tray to hold the original container.

Keep on Bearding!

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