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7 Beard Grooming Tips for an Awesome Beard

Has the time come for you to cross “grow an awesome beard” off your bucket list? We get it. A magnificent beard makes a statement. There is no greater accomplishment for a man than to grow a beard worthy of manly envy. On the other hand, beards that are left to fend for themselves can quickly become an unkempt eyesore. Grow the glorious beard of your dreams with these 7 beard grooming tips for an awesome beard.


1. Growth Takes Time, Be Patient

Head turning beards are the result of a marathon, not a sprint. Resist the urge to rush to the mirror every day looking for new growth. Give your beard some time to grow in evenly by leaving it untouched for the first few weeks- no trimming, cutting, shaping or shaving. Of course you want instant results, but the only way to naturally accelerate the beard growing process is to stay healthy, eat right, and get a proper night's sleep. Consuming healthy Omega-3 oils, iron, and Vitamin B complex help contribute to healthy growth of your facial hair, as well as your overall health.

2. Choose the Right Beard Style For You

Different face shapes look best with certain beard styles. If your face is more squared, especially at the jaw line, you’ll want a full beard that tapers towards the chin, to help visually elongate your face. If your face already has an elongated or oval shape, opt for a more full beard with more hair on the sides. Double chin or less prominent chin? Go for more length off the chin compared to the rest of the beard. Goatees are a great style to make any chin appear stronger. But most importantly, make sure to choose a beard style that complements your personal style, be it a chin strap, goatee, handlebar, mutton chops, etc., and it will become the perfect accessory for your lifestyle.

3. Wash Your Beard Regularly

This cannot be emphasized enough! Your beard is an investment in your appearance. Once you have an inch or so of beard growth, establish a regular beard washing schedule. Not only is beard washing good hygiene, it also prevents itchiness. First things first, though...don’t use soap on your beard. Your facial hair requires special care provided by a carefully ph formulated beard wash and beard conditioner. Washing your beard a few times each week and then gently patting it dry is the key to a frizz free, well coiffed beard.     

4. Rely on Beard Oil

Add a healthy glow and pleasant smell to your beard with beard oil. Choose a rich beard oil that isn’t too heavy, but still penetrates beard hair to nourish follicles. Beard oil scents ranges from light and clean to rich and musky and everything in between. A few drops of beard oil is all you need. Use fewer drops for shorter beards and increase the number of drops depending on the length and fullness of your beard. Experiment with a few types to find the perfect balance.

5. Train Your Beard

Besides a regular trim to maintain your beard’s shape, there are a few daily grooming tasks that will keep stubborn beard hairs in line. Give your beard a daily once over with a high-quality beard brush to encourage hairs to fall in line in a downward direction. Not only does regular brushing improve the appearance of your beard, it also helps prevent pesky ingrown hairs by training the direction of growth.

6. Don’t Forget to Condition

Serving double duty, beard butter works as a styling agent, as well as a deep conditioner, especially for coarser beards. If your beard has an inconsistent texture, beard butter will also help you to wrangle your out of control facial hairs. Rich butters and natural oils help to soften follicles.

7. Don’t Neglect the ‘Stache

The goal is to have an awesome beard, but every awesome beard is accompanied by an equally amazing mustache. A quick trim every 3-4 days is usually all it takes to get stray hairs under control. A bit of beard butter or mustache wax can be used to sculpt it into a work of art.

Still need some guidance to grow your awesome beard? Check out the FAQ’s or reach out to us personally.

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